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Yolisoft Android Data Recovery

Are you a Yolisoft Android Data Recovery user who needs help with a particular issue? Yolisoft offers customer support for Yolisoft Android Data Recovery. We will try to answer some common questions about Yolisoft Android Data Recovery that should be helpful to both new and old users alike!

What is Yolisoft Android Data Recovery?

Yolisoft Android Data Recovery is a data recovery program designed to help users recover deleted files from their Android devices. Yolisoft has been making software for recovering digital data since 1996, and Yolisoft Android Data Recovery is one of the most popular programs they offer.

How does Yolisoft Android Data Recovery work?

Yolisoft Android Data Recovery works by scanning your device for deleted files and then recovering them. The program can recover a wide range of file types, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, and more. It’s important to note that Yolisoft Android Data Recovery cannot recover data if your device has been formatted or if the data has been overwritten.

How can I recover my mobile data with Yolisoft Android Data Recovery?

You can recover your Yolisoft Android Data Recovery data by following these steps:

Step one: Connect your device to the computer where you have Yolisoft Android Data Recovery installed. Yolisoft will prompt you for a few details about what kind of file recovery you need and then begin scanning the drive on your phone or tablet for deleted files. This process may take several minutes, depending on how much information is stored on your device.

If prompted, connect via wifi instead of using USB cables if it's available. It would be better not only because wireless connection is faster but also because Yolisoft support team could remotely access your phone without any extra effort from your side. The remote session can be shared by Yolisoft support team with our engineers and consultants from Yolsoft Technical Support.

Step two: Yolisoft will create a list of files that it has found on your device. From here you can see each file's name, size, type (photo/video/etc.), and date modified information . You don’t need to worry about deleting the wrong data—Yolisoft Android Data Recovery is able to show only un-recoverable files in its scan results so they won't be shown while searching through them even if these are recoverable. This way no important data would be deleted accidently. Yolisoft Android Data Recovery makes it easy to find and recover your data! If you don't see the file(s) that you want to retrieve, then try scanning for them again. Yolisoft has a variety of advanced settings so we can customize this step according to each user's needs.

Step three: Yolisoft will begin recovering files from your device, if possible. This process may take several minutes depending on how many deleted files there are from your phone and their respective sizes. Yolisoft also allows users t o specify which types of recovered data they want retrieved as well as whether or not Yolisoft should overwrite existing files during the recovery process (this is useful when trying to recover files from a device that has limited storage space).

After the recovery process is complete, Yolisoft will show you a list of all the recovered files. From here, you can preview each file to make sure it’s the one you are looking for and then save it to your computer.


If you can't find your deleted files using Yolisoft Android Data Recovery, don't worry! Yoli soft offers a variety of advanced settings so we can customize this step according to each user's needs. You may need to try different scanning options or use Yolsoft's support team for assistance.