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Is iBeesoft Data Recovery Safe?

There are many data recovery tools that promise to be quick and easy. iBeesoft Data Recovery is one of these programs, but does it really work? Is iBeesoft safe? This article will give you the information you need to know about iBeesoft data recovery so you'll know if it's right for your needs or not!

What is iBeesoft Data Recovery?

iBeesoft is a data recovery software that promises to be quick and easy. iBeesoft says their program can even recover files from formatted drives! iBeesoft's website has lots of positive reviews, with many people saying iBeesoft really worked for them.

Where Can I Buy iBeesoft Data Recovery?

You can buy iBeeSoft Data Recovery on the official site. It costs $59.95 USD, but you also get another tool called Free. Undelete as a bonus when you purchase it!

What Kind of Files Can iBeesoft Recover?

According to its website , ibeesoft claims it can recover all kinds of files – documents, photos, videos, audio recordings… anything in your computer!

Is iBeesoft Safe?

iBeeSoft has a good reputation online and is generally considered safe to use. However, as with any software, there is always some risk involved in using it. Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing iBeeSoft Data Recovery!

How iBeesoft Data Recovery Can Recover Your Data

iBeesoft data recovery works by scanning your computer for the files you want to recover. iBeeSoft Data Recovery can scan all drives, including external ones! iBeesoft says it's safe and fast – just choose a drive or partition on which iBeesoft has not already scanned and hit "Scan". You'll see every file that iBeeSoft finds after the scan is complete so if there are any files that were deleted from your hard drive but still exist somewhere else on the disk (like in a temporary folder), iBeesoft will find them!


iBeeSoft Data Recovery is a quick and easy data recovery tool that can recover files from formatted drives. It has a good reputation online, but always read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing any software! iBeesoft is generally safe to use, but there is always some risk involved. Make sure you scan your computer for viruses before using any data recovery software just to be on the safe side! Thanks for reading!